Wholesale Pricing

STYLESEAL offers discounts on bulk and wholesale orders. The discount increases with the quantity, so the more you order, the higher your discount is. Below are shown the bulk order quantities and corresponding discount in percent. The discount applies to all products, masks as well as filters.
Quantity Discount off list price
50 to 99 10%
100 to 199 20%
200 to 299 30%
300 to 499 40%
500+ 50%
bulk orders styleseal masks

Pricing examples

Good quality air protection doesn’t have to be expensive. Buying air protection masks is a long term investment in your health. But how little does it really cost to have good quality air protection every day year round? The answer is: less than you think.

Below are 3 price examples, each showing the monthly and daily cost of air protection, when investing in 100 or 300 air masks. The price examples include 1 entire years use of replaceable filters (25 pairs) per person.

Quantity Discount Monthly Cost Daily Cost
100 20% 2.04 USD 0.07 USD
300 40% 1.53 USD 0.05 USD

As you can see, good quality air protection is available for only 0.05 USD a day per person. The pricing examples includes 1 STYLESEAL air mask and 5 packs 80S Nano-silver filters (25 pairs) per person. If you’re interested in making a bulk order, please contact us.