Covid and Other Viruses Make Wearing Masks Necessary

Today, even the sound of a cough – one of the most common symptoms of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – can cause panic and fear. People can get infected when a person coughs or sneezes as tiny droplets travel and permeate the air. These particles can land on surfaces and in a person’s mouth, nose or eyes.

Social distancing recommendations inform people to stay 2 meters apart from one another. But scientists are discovering that this may not even be enough. This shows why it is so essential to wear a face mask when you are out in public settings. 

On the picture below you can see how far droplets travel when someone coughs without wearing a mask. The droplets travel further than 2 meters, and if you are on the receiving end without wearing a mask, your face will get sprayed with infected droplets. 

Governments recommend everyone wear a mask, even if it's just made of cloth. While a cloth mask will protect the people around you, it is not sufficient to protect you from someone infected. A cloth mask doesn't filter the small viral particles that are down to 0.1 microns in size.

Be sure to always wear a quality mask when you are out in public. A STYLESEAL Air Mask, combined with our medical grade Nano-Silver filters 90S, 95S and 99S provides the best possible protection available on the market. They filter particles down to 0.1 microns, which is the size of viruses, including Covid-19. 

If you believe you are infected with a virus, or if you are in an area where it's required to use masks without exhalation valves, you can use our Valveseal Kit to seal off the valve on your mask when needed. Or choose from our selection of masks with no valve.

coughing virus face mask simulation